Signature Beverages

We love putting twists on classic cocktails and mocktails. For our clients, we encourage them to get creative with their signature cocktail and signature mocktail. It can represent a place you’ve vacationed together, think rum punch if you fell in love in the Caribbean or a prosecco drink if you are planning to honeymoon in Italy, as well as give a nod to the place you are getting married, like using oranges in Florida or bourbon in Kentucky. You could have a “his” and “hers” drink if you have differing tastes and the options for those are endless. Signature cocktails and signature mocktails are a fun detail that add a splash of color to your cocktail hour, and of course, can get the party started. Our curated signature cocktails and signature mocktails are not only amazingly tasty, but more importantly, beautiful! Keep scrolling to download our seasonal beverage menus!

Spring Beverage Menu

Whether you are looking for the perfect spring wedding cocktail, a mothers day celebration or maybe a baby shower drink, these refreshing spring signature cocktails and signature mocktails are perfect for any spring event!

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Fall Beverage Menu

Our favorite time of year calls for festive decor, delicious seasonal eats and even more delicious sips! No matter what the weather is like outside, you can officially dive headfirst into all things autumn with our fall menu. From pumpkin punches to apple gins, these are the only libations you’ll want to be sipping on this season. 

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Summer Beverage Menu

Your guests mingling in their best summer attire, beneath twinkling lights and floral arrangements, sipping on something slushy or fruity or both. The scene has all the makings of a beautiful event, with signature cocktails and signature mocktails flowing, your guests will never forget.

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Winter Beverage Menu

As snow gently falls, and Christmas lights twinkle from all around, a winter cocktail or mocktail will fit in perfectly to complete the holiday mood. Winter is the perfect time to celebrate and cocktails are a necessity! We’ve rounded up some classics and some great new twists for you this year! 

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